Video: Developing a Continuous Feedback Loop

Video: Developing a Continuous Feedback Loop
Slides: Developing a Continuous Feedback Loop
Essay: Designing Your Product's Continuous Feedback Loop

Earlier this year True Ventures invited to me to speak at True University, their annual conference for portfolio companies. I decided to expand upon an essay I originally wrote in 2016 about developing a continuous feedback loop for your product with detailed case studies of how I have implemented such a feedback loop for my current startup, Notejoy, as well as while leading LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Wanted to share the video, slides, and original essay from that talk.

When embarking on a new project, teams too often treat customer feedback as a one-time effort. But the best product teams develop a continuous feedback loop: an automated system by which they are continuously receiving and incorporating customer feedback into their product roadmap. In this talk I'll share how you can develop a robust feedback loop for your own product by leveraging feedback rivers, feedback system of records, and deep synthesis.
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