Presentation: What is Product Management?

I recently gave this presentation on product management at LinkedIn that I thought was worth sharing more broadly.

Product management in my mind boils down to owning the vision, design, and execution of your product. I start the presentation by detailing what it means to own each of these areas of your product and their associated key responsibilities.

But to be a truly great product manager you must go beyond excelling at each of these functional responsibilities. To help illuminate this, I then share some of the most important product management attributes I’ve learned from key luminaries in product development here in the valley, including Jack Dorsey, David Kelley, and Eric Ries.

My views on product management have continued to be refined by the experiences I’ve had to work with exceptional leaders here at LinkedIn. And so I end the presentation specifically calling out lessons I’ve learned at LinkedIn on product management from key leaders including Elliot Shmukler, David Henke, and Jeff Weiner.
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